GIVE TODAY - Feed the Hungry.

Together, we are providing food for people in desperate need every day. Since 2002 Crisis Aid has provided more than 100 MILLION meals worldwide! 2020 in East Africa alone we fed over 142,668 people, including more than 23,884 severely malnourished children who would have likely not survived without Crisis Aid. In the United States through your “Community Helping Community” Initiative that started in Response to COVID, you provided 141,710 people, (35,218 families and 79,394 children) with 797,294 pounds of food. This is in addition to the 4,205 people served through our regular program prior to COVID.

We need your help to continue to reach and save more people in immediate need.

If you would prefer to write a check - please make it payable to Crisis Aid International P.O. BOX 510167 St. Louis MO, USA 63151


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